Elijah Fox: Impressionist Piano & Production

Take the piano to new places by exploring how Elijah Fox plays, writes, improvises, and produces textured piano music.

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Watching Elijah Fox's Instagram channel, you're likely to see something new everyday. From silky R&B tracks and spacey synth jams to old-timey stride piano covers and flowing improvisations, Elijah's talent spans genres like jazz, fusion, hip-hop, soul and beyond. He tours with jazz fusion icon Yussef Dayes, has published multiple albums under multiple monikers, and had a song he wrote sampled by Drake (and hit number 4 on the charts). But one thing that connects it all is his interest in "impressionist" sounds — music that's open to interpretation and that evokes powerful feelings in the audience. 

In this course, Elijah takes us through this unique approach to writing, improvising, and producing music. We'll see how he uses a modular approach to practicing that ensures a fresh well of ideas always skitter across his fingers. We'll pick up a variety of his philosophies and perspectives on modern harmony, and we'll learn specific techniques for jamming, orchestrating, and composing (both for short form beats and larger works). Along the way, you're going to be challenged to up your skills on the piano — and build new tracks inspired by Elijah's guidance.

"I've gained so much joy from playing the piano," Elijah declares, "and I hope to inspire you to find some of that as well." If you're a pianist, or a producer with some background in piano, dive in to take your creativity to the next level.  

Elijah Fox

Pianist & Producer

Elijah Fox is a multi-instrumentalist, singer, and producer based in Los Angeles, CA. He has been playing piano for 16 years and studied piano at Oberlin Conservatory. His samples span genres of neo-soul, R&B, lo-fi hip hop, trap, and indie rock. He is inspired by pianists Art Tatum, Ravel, Ahmad Jamal, Scott Storch, Robert Glasper, and Erroll Garner and his sound blends elements of jazz, impressionism, and psychedelic soul. He has performed with recorded/produced with ScHoolboy Q, Masego, Tom Misch, Denzel Curry, YG, Tate McCrae, Thutmose, Taylor Bennett, Felly, , wifisfuneral, , Marie Dahlstrom and many others. He has performed original music throughout the United States and in over 20 countries . He is also the touring keyboardist with Yussef Dayes, and was featured on the Soulection: Joshua Tree EP released 2022. Fox also began releasing orginal instrumental music under the alias Søren Søstrom in 2021, and received 16 million streams on Spotify in the first year. Fox is an active collaborator in Los Angeles as well as a composer and he scored 3 tracks with Dot the Genius for Entergalactic, a Netflix animated special starring Kid Cudi.

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Elijah Fox's piano playing is washy, beautiful, and open to interpretation. It lends itself equally well to jazz, hip-hop, or R&B — or it can stand on its own. In this course, you'll learn new piano techniques, how to always know what to practice, and how to translate this timeless instrument into the DAW.  

Get better at piano & production

Learn Elijah's approach to piano, how he practices, how he generates ideas, and how he transforms them into songs.

Stack Your Practice Deck

See how Elijah adapts "cells" from existing works into new practice activities so he's always learning.

Learn Advanced Techniques & Theory

Learn new piano techniques like repeated note runs and lush chord voicings.

Develop Ideas Quickly

Watch Elijah instantly turn simple piano concepts into jazzy hip-hop beats and neo-soul grooves in the DAW.

Expand Your Improvisation Repertoire

See how Elijah composes and improvises new song ideas on the fly.


Course Outline

  1. Preview
    Section 1


  2. Section 2

    Musings & Impressions

  3. Section 3

    Practice Possibilities

  4. Section 4

    Notes on Technique

  5. Section 5

    Arpeggiated Patterns

  6. Section 6

    Exploring Harmony

  7. Section 7

    Making Loops

  8. Section 8

    Two Impressionist Demos

  9. Section 9

    Starting a Song

  10. Section 10

    Fleshing Out a Song

  11. Section 11



Who is this course for?

This course is for intermediate and advanced pianists and pianist-producers curious to discover new avenues for instrumental improvisation and using that to make tracks. You should already have some level of comfort playing with two hands on the piano and some familiarity with music theory, including the basics of scales and chords. 

What will I learn in this course?

You'll learn a host of concepts around how Elijah approaches his music, including:

  • How Elijah generates new practice activities from anywhere, 
  • A series of specific piano techniques Elijah uses to create his sound, 
  • How Elijah thinks about chords and voicings
  • The way Elijah borrows specific ideas or "cells" from songs and turns them into new songs or grooves, 
  • How Elijah improvises on simple ideas to generate tracks quickly, 
  • The techniques Elijah uses to sketch ideas quickly in the DAW, 
  • How Elijah fleshes out simple beats into more complete songs, 
  • And much more. 

You'll see Elijah perform a number of improvisations and compositions on the piano, hear him dissect a few of his songs, and watch him translate ideas and perform them in the DAW in an instant. 

Are there any pre-reqs?

You should have some prior knowlege of major and minor scales and how to construct chords built on scales. You should also be able to comfortably play chords and melodies on the piano. If you're new to this stuff, check out our short Music Theory for Beginner Pianists course as primer. 

You will definitely need a piano, keyboard, or a keyboard-based MIDI instrument to get the most out of this course. 

How long does this course take?

This course was designed for you to go through at your own pace. If you wanted to do all the content linearly from start to finish, you could probably finish it in a few extended sittings. 

You're also welcome to just skip around to the lessons and sections most relevant to you, your music, and your career.

Is there a specific start date?

You can start the course anytime.

How many lessons are there?

This course includes 40 lessons, including videos, graphics, text, activities, creative prompts, and much more. 

What do I get if I enroll as a subscriber?

As a subscriber, you'll get unlimited access to all courses on, including this and all our other premium courses, to go through at your own pace. This includes all the videos, tutorials, demos, quizzes, activities, downloads, and other materials within our full suite of courses.

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