The Headliners Club

Get a Personal Trainer for Your Music.

Take Giant Musical Leaps Forward in a
Month with a Soundfly Mentor

It's like having a personal trainer for your music — a music expert you work with online
who gives you a series of musical workouts, a whole lot of feedback and support, and the
chance to accomplish something you'll be proud of.

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A Wealth of Expertise at
Your Fingertips

We’ll pair you with an expert Soundfly
Mentor who will offer resources, ideas,
and advice based on your interests.

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Designed Entirely for You
and Your Needs

Your Mentor will work with you to
customize a one month learning plan
based entirely around YOUR goals.

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Make Progress Toward
Your Musical Dreams

Your Mentor will offer weekly activities
and in-depth feedback to make sure
you’re making progress
you’re proud of.

Soundfly Mentors Do Whatever It
Takes To Help You Reach Your Goal

Soundfly Mentors are talented, working musicians who have attended the country's top music schools, produced and mixed music for films, TV, and podcasts, performed all over the world, and produced countless albums. They also have an endlessly nerdy love of music, in all its forms. Whether communicating via email, Slack, phone, or Skype, they'll always go out of their way to make sure you achieve the goals you've set out for yourself.

What Do Projects Look Like?

Here are a few examples of some past projects we’ve worked on with students.
You can also hear some past student work on our blog.


Create and arrange your own tracks in a DAW of your choice.


Practice writing music
for film or TV.

Green microphone

Write new songs and develop your voice as a songwriter.

Green booming amp

Learn strategies for growing and engaging your audience.

Orange piano

Improve your keyboard playing with a better practice routine.

Quarter notes

Explore new approaches to writing and developing melodies.