Ryan Lindberg

Producer, sound designer, guitarist. If you understand the language of music, you can transcend all barriers with a simple melody. I want to help students trust their ear and focus on sounds that move rather than "sound correct."

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About Ryan

Ryan Lindberg is an electronic music producer originally from Asheville, NC, currently residing in Los Angeles. He makes music under the name Koresma and creates a blend of chilled electro-acoustic music centered around a strong groove. Koresma has garnered millions of listens on streaming platforms such as Spotify. Ryan's main instrument is guitar and he has been producing in Ableton Live for 8+ years. 

He gains most of his inspiration for music from the natural landscapes around him and tries to synthesize those experiences sonically. He love all types of music but electronic artists such as Flying Lotus, Bonobo, and Four Tet really spark his interest. In addition to producing, he has worked for Moog Music and Camp Jam doing a variety of educational and retail based services.