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Peter husmann

I learned basics of Ableton in 2 months. And now I've learned playing melodies in 10min with your website. That just blows my mind. Thank you so much for these fantastic tutorials!

Peter Husman,

Theory for Producers student
Evan newell

This series is turning what was essentially magic to me into an understandable science. You've pulled back the curtain. Thanks!

Evan Newell,

Demystifying Synths student
Kirk smith

Because of your class I am no longer afraid of the orchestra!!! At least the strings... I’m trying to get my students to do this class over summer break!

Kirk Smith,

Orchestration for Strings student

There's no one right way to play music.

Music isn’t about being told you don’t belong or you’re not doing it right. It’s about giving voice to the sounds and ideas in your head. We’re here to help curious musicians of all stripes share their unique voice with the world.

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