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Our Instructors

Soundfly Team

An In-House Production

9 Top Sound Engineers

Mixing artists, professionals, & Grammy winners


Pianist and producer

Soundfly Mentors

Producers, songwriters, business experts, and more!

Efa Etoroma, Jr. and Carter Lee

4 Top Sound Engineers

Brian Losch, Leon Kelly, Kenta Yonesaka, and Tim Leitner

Carnegie Hall

Weill Music Institute


Producer, DJ, & Composer

Com Truise

Producer, DJ, & Composer


Pioneering Producer & Composer

The Pocket Queen

Artist, Drummer, Producer, Content Creator


Singer, songwriter, producer, & pop artist

Marin Alsop

Music Director, Baltimore Symphony Orchestra

Elyadeen Anbar

Guitarist, Composer, Educator

Christina Apostolopoulos

Songwriter, Guitarist, Singer

Jamie Bernstein

Writer, Narrator + Filmmaker

Charles Burchell

Educator, Composer + Cultural Diplomat

Thomas Cabaniss

Composer + Educator

Ian Chang

Drummer, producer, beat maker

Jay Coyle

Music Geek, Business Consultant, Educator

Ian Davis

Composer, Arranger, Art Rocker

Amanda Dehnert

Director + Professor at Northwestern University

Vince Di Mura

Musical Director, Princeton University

Dre DiMura

Guitarist, Composer, Actor

Martin Fowler

Composer, Producer, Bassist

Elijah Fox

Pianist & Producer

Dan Freeman

Ableton Certified Trainer

Delaney Gibson

Designer, Art Director, Artist

Tim Hansen

Composer, Songwriter, Educator

Ethan Hein

Music Technologist & Theory Nerd

Ari Herstand

DIY Music Business Guru

Andrew Huang

Composer, Producer, YouTube Star

John Hull

Engineer + Producer

Brian Jackson

Ableton Certified Trainer

Kaki King

Guitarist, Artist, Icon

Mahea Lee

Carter Lee

Bandleader, Bassist, Educator

Claire Marie Lim

Ryan Lott

Son Lux, composer, producer

Melissa Rae Mahon

Broadway Performer + Choreographer

Will Marshall

Julio Monge

Broadway Performer, Educator + Choreographer

Sırma Munyar

Vishal Nayak

Engineer, Drummer, Producer

Oli Rockberger

Songwriter, Pianist, Producer

Leslie Stifelman

Music Director + Conductor for Chicago: The Musical

Ian Temple

Pianist, Composer, Entrepreneur

Ben Weinman

The Dillinger Escape Plan guitarist & manager

Chipocrite AKA Paul Weinstein

Composer, Producer, Chiptune Star

Alex Wilson

Bassist + Keyboardist, sleepmakeswaves

Jeremy Young

In-House Touring Guru

Grant Zubritsky

Touring Musician + Musical Director