Demystifying Synths


Shape your sounds with part two of our series on synths, focused on the magic of filters.

20 Minutes
3 Sections

Now that we have oscillators under our belt, let’s take a look at one way to modify the sounds we’re getting from them. Filters can make it sound like you just went underwater, or like there are lasers piercing your brain. 

In this lesson, we continue our exploration of the wild and sometimes wooly world of subtractive synthesis by taking a closer look at filters. So pull up a chair and a synthesizer. Let’s get started!

Martin Fowler

Composer, Producer, Bassist

Martin composes and produces music for commercial, educational, and artistic media, and records and performs internationally with many NYC-based artists. He also produces original electro and house music and remixes as MDFX, plus trap/jungle/bass music and remixes as WNNR, and will release his debut solo record later this year. His favorite cloud type is the lenticular cloud.

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demystifying synths

Course Outline

  1. Section 1

    Intro to Filters

  2. Section 2

    Using Filters

  3. Section 3



Who is this course for? 

People with no prior knowledge of synths. Or people who think they know something about synths but really don't. They just know that tweaking that one button makes a slingshot sound. 

What are the requirements? 

Nothing whatsoever. At some point you're going to want your own synth to play with, but you can also use the built in ones from Garage Band or find one online. 

What will I get out of this course? 

By the end of the series, you should be able to make any synth sound you hear...