Demystifying Synths

LFOs & Modulation

Wobbly bass sounds and new dynamic textures abound in the fourth installment in this series.

30 Minutes
4 Sections

Now things are getting interesting! LFOs and modulation will take your drone-like synth sounds and turn them into a lush world of wobbly, trembling laser noises. Want to get your music bumping and jumping? Learn to manipulate your sound with LFOs.

In this free course on LFOs and modulation, we'll take a deeper dive into the sonic possibilities that open up when you use oscillators and envelopes to control other parameters of your synth, rather than controlling the sound, directly.

By the end of this course, you will know how to make your patches more interesting and dynamic by applying various forms of modulation to your sound. What are you waiting for?

Martin Fowler

Composer, Producer, Bassist

Martin composes and produces music for commercial, educational, and artistic media, and records and performs internationally with many NYC-based artists. He also produces original electro and house music and remixes as MDFX, plus trap/jungle/bass music and remixes as WNNR, and will release his debut solo record later this year. His favorite cloud type is the lenticular cloud.

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Course Outline

  1. Section 1

    Intro to Modulation

  2. Section 2


  3. Section 3

    Envelopes Revisited

  4. Section 4



Who is this course for?

People with no prior knowledge of synths. Or people who think they know something about synths but really don't. They just know that tweaking that one button makes a slingshot sound.

What are the requirements?

This is the fourth course in this series. You don't need to go in order, but you'll be better able to understand LFOs and Modulation if you first have a good grasp of Oscillators, Filters, and Envelope Generators.

You'll probably want a synth of your own to play with. We recommend a free software synth called Helm.

How long does it take?

This section of the course takes 20 minutes. The whole Demystifying Synths series can be done in 2-3 hours.

What can I expect to get from this course?

By the end of this course, you'll have the ability to control and manipulate your synth sounds using LFOs and various modulation techniques.