How to Read Music

Learn to read music and master a new, expressive language that instantly connects you to all your favorite tunes.

1 Hour
7 Sections

Ever wonder what those lines and dots on a page of sheet music mean? We can help you figure it all out with our intro course on how to read music. Get ready to dive into the world of quarter notes, clefs, slurs, ties, and so much more. 

We'll talk about notes and note values, staffs, time signatures, common symbols, and many other elements of written music. Let's translate those little black dots into beautiful music!

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Ian Temple

Pianist, Composer, Entrepreneur

Ian is a pianist, entrepreneur, and professional musician. He started Soundfly to help people really find what gets them most excited musically and pursue it. He's toured all over the world with his experimental trio Sontag Shogun. Check out his most recent course, Building Blocks of Piano, or follow him on Twitter at @ianrtemple.

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Course Outline

  1. Section 1


  2. Section 2

    Reading Pitch

  3. Section 3

    Reading Rhythm

  4. Section 4

    Counting and Clapping

  5. Section 5

    Dots and Ties

  6. Section 6


  7. Section 7



Who is this course for? 

Anyone who wants to read music! No prior knowledge needed. 

Are there any requirements? 

None whatsoever. You can take this course during your lunch break.