Songwriting for Producers

Take all those unfinished ideas and half-developed loops and transform them into fully fleshed out, compelling songs.

Are you someone who loves tweaking sounds or messing with loops in the DAW? Do you have tons of great musical ideas but very few finished tracks? If so, this is the course for you. 

This course is all about reclaiming the songwriting process by learning different approaches and strategies for writing, developing, and finishing tracks. It's for producers who love tapping out beats or tweaking the sound design on their samples, but need help translating those skills into more complete songs that will catch a listener's ear.

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Will Marshall

Will Marshall is a singer, composer, producer, pianist, synthesist, engineer and educator. As a composer and producer, Will’s focus is on his solo project noise, where he draws inspiration from art-pop, industrial, classical, electronic music, jazz, and post-punk. He lead and produced electronic act Coma Cartel and art-pop project 555mya, and was the synthesist for Bay-Area rock group Now the Changes.

Will has engineered for artists such as Oscar-nominated film composer Nicholas Britell, Grammy-nominated jazz musician Patrick Gleeson, R&B singer Vudajé, experimental composer Augur Duende, and electronic acts Ill Gates, Freq Nasty and the Fungineers. He is currently consulting mix engineer and producer for Sennie Records in San Jose. As an educator, Will taught at Pyramind in San Francisco from 2015-2018, is a course author at, and is a well-known authority in the creative applications of music technology. He has written and directed several in-depth educational video series, taught numerous workshops, and accepts occasional private students.

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Turn Ideas into Complete Tracks

By the end of this course, you'll have different strategies, workflows, and techniques for creating complete songs as a producer.

Develop Better Workflows

Take more control over your creative process, both inside and outside of your DAW.

Improve Your Melodies & Harmonies

Learn new strategies for approaching your harmony, melodies, lyrics, rhythms, and other core elements of music.

Understand Song Structure

Learn how to implement different forms and structures that can help you bring order to your tracks.

Study Arranging Techniques

Learn about how instrumentation and arranging can improve your songwriting.
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Our expert mentors do whatever it takes to ensure that you achieve your musical goals for the course and leap forward in your learning.

Sam Friedman

Producer, Songwriter, Mentor
  • Original music featured in The Fader and Bullett Magazine
  • Music featured in ads for Taco Bell, Converse, Coke, etc.
  • Producer for Mophonics agency, making music for ads and major clients

Sırma Munyar

Producer, Songwriter, Mentor
  • Artist with nearly a million listens on Spotify
  • Performed with Illenium, Keri Hilson, Akon, etc.
  • Topliner for major TV ads

Joseph Capalbo

Producer, Songwriter, Mentor
  • Electronic musician and producer
  • Original music has appeared on MTV, E!, NBC, and more
  • Has worked with dozens of students on theory, production, and songwriting


Course Outline

  1. Start
    Section 1

    Getting Started

  2. Start
    Section 2

    Songwriting vs Production

  3. Start
    Section 3

    Preparing Your Work Environment

  4. Start
    Section 4


  5. Start
    Section 5

    Elements of Music

  6. Start
    Section 6


  7. Start
    Section 7

    Rhythm & Bass

  8. Start
    Section 8

    Structure & Form

  9. Start
    Section 9

    Workflow Revisited

  10. Start
    Section 10


  11. Start
    Section 11


  12. Start
    Section 12


  13. Start
    Section 13

    Supporting Song Narrative

  14. Start
    Section 14

    Finalizing and Reflecting


Who is this course for?

This course is for producers and DAW users who have no trouble generating ideas, but tend to veer off track and spend all their creative energy on the production, leaving the actual song behind too early in the process. The course is genre-agnostic, but is best suited for those who lean heavily on their computer to make music.

What will I learn?

You'll learn the difference between songs and productions, how successful songs are structured, creative strategies that you can apply to your own music, and how to revamp your workflow to emphasize the song and figure out the production later.

Are there any pre-reqs?

You'll need to know the basics of recording and producing with a DAW like Ableton, Logic, or similar. Some additional equipment is recommended to get the most out of this course: a MIDI controller, an instrument (guitar, for example), an interface, microphone, and headphones.

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Will there be future sessions of the course?

Yes! Check back shortly for firm dates, or sign up for a Soundfly account to receive email updates about course dates and new course launches.