Mentors Make It Happen

From day one til your final project, Soundfly Mentors make sure not only that you learn the material, but also move forward with your own music.

Whether learning how to orchestrate like your favorite composer, mix your newest song, or add that crazy big beat, your mentor will do whatever it takes to make sure you get to where YOU want to be.

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“I do not ever recall getting this level of feedback nor support in previous online courses (or live courses for that matter).“
Jeff Yuan

3-time Soundfly Student

How Will a Soundfly Mentor Help You?

Tailoring lessons & activities to your larger goals

Offering in-depth feedback & guidance on your work

Helping you stay accountable to your goals

Answering questions & offering tips when you get stuck

Meet Our Mentors

Jamie Billings

Production Mentor

Keturah Brown

Business Mentor

Joseph Capalbo

Songwriting & Composition Mentor

Andrea De Carlo

Mixing Mentor

Marty Fowler

Mixing & Production Mentor

Sam Friedman

Production Mentor

John Hull

Mixing Mentor

Raven Katz

Songwriting Mentor

Mahea Lee

Songwriting & Composition Mentor

Andre Madatian

Composition Mentor

Tim Maryon

Composition Mentor

Angela Mastrogiacomo

Business Mentor

Sırma Munyar

Production & Songwriting Mentor

Ian Temple

Orchestration Mentor
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