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Every course on our site can be taken two ways: on your own with a subscription, or with an expert mentor supporting you along the way.

Find our more about how our mentored courses work below.

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Online courses with a human touch

We created our mentored course model for people who get frustrated learning on their own. It can be tough to keep up. You might have questions that aren't answered. You don't know how you're doing.

With our mentored courses, we pair you up with an expert who will check in with you every week, help you stay accountable, offer personalized instruction and guidance, answer your questions, and share feedback on your work.

Here's how it works.

Find a six-week course that matches
your goals.

Our courses include unlimited access to high-quality videos, demos, quizzes, and readings, as well as carefully crafted course activities designed to help you make incremental progress each week.

Get matched with a mentor committed to your growth.

We will use info you tell us about yourself to pair you 1:1 with an expert musician whose skills and experience make them the perfect fit to guide and support you during the course.

Meet our mentors.

Learn better with clear weekly goals
and challenges.

Courses are divided into weekly sections and activities so that you can take small, achievable steps forward, without getting overwhelmed.

Get in-depth feedback and personal support every week.

Every week, your mentor will send you feedback on your work, offer suggestions for areas to focus on, and be available to answer questions if you get stuck.

Swamped? We can work around
your schedule.

We've built flexibility into our courses, with course work that can be done in your spare time, mentors that work around your schedule, and two “Catch Up Weeks” that allow you to pause anytime.

Here's what you get when you enroll.

Unlimited access to dozens of high-quality videos, lessons, quizzes, and demos
Six weeks of personal one-on-one check-ins from an expert mentor dedicated to your growth as a musician
100% money-back guarantee if you don’t like the course after the first week
Six weeks of guided exercises, activities, and projects designed to support progress and growth
Real-time support from the Soundfly Team and other students in our Slack community group
Monthly payment plans to make it more affordable
Six weeks of in-depth feedback on your music or work from your mentor
Flexibility to work on your own schedule, with activities and content that can be done in your spare time
Two extra Catch Up Weeks you can use to hit pause at any point if things get too busy

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