Alex Hamadey

Producer, Sound Designer, Engineer. I’m constantly learning the ins and outs of software, hardware, and new production techniques and want to share what I’ve gathered over the years to knowledge-hungry students.

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About Alex

Alex is a producer, sound designer, and TV/commercial composer based in Brooklyn, NY. He’s worked on dozens of massive ad campaigns (Google, Maybelline, and Pepsi to name a few) and co-runs a couple of house music labels in between freelance audio jobs and making beats.

Alex has also given back to the music-making community with over ten homemade sample packs for platforms like Samples From Mars, Raw Loops, and Splice.

After selling off his guitars to buy a modular synth rack back in college, he started the journey of learning music production and mix engineering with an emphasis on outboard gear and electronic instruments. Having had the opportunity to co-produce celebrated artists such as Azelia Banks, Class Actress, and Karen Ann in his earlier years, he began working closely with the music house Hyperballad Music. There he learned all the skills to produce, mix, master, and implement sound design for major brand TV commercials and documentaries, which he does to this day.