Keturah Brown

Social media advisor, songwriter. I love making music that tells a story. I work with students to help share their own story with the world.

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About Keturah

Keturah is a songwriter, producer, and music marketing guru with an MA in music marketing from Berklee College of Music. She has a passion for branding strategies, and studied with some fantastic mentors, including Yvette Noel-Schure (Beyonce, Prince), Brian Message (PJ Harvey, Nick Cave, Radiohead), and Imogen Heap. As a songwriter, she has written and performed original works around the world, most recently on a European tour. Last year, one of her tracks was included in iHeartRadio's Newbie Hall of Fame four weeks in a row, leading to an invitation to perform at the iHeart Radio Lounge in Tennessee.

One of the best pieces of advice Keturah ever received was: "You can do it all. You just can't do it all at once." She aims to work with students to set up realistic goals that can help them create more deliberate marketing strategies for their work.

You can hear some of her music here.