Marta Grzegorzak

Social media specialist, DIY marketer. Well-managed social channels bring success, satisfaction, and self-confidence. My goal is to teach people how to make a masterpiece out of it.

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About Marta

Marta is an independent entrepreneur with a passion for teaching social media strategy and digital marketing. She has helped international businesses, artists, and creatives of all types build their brand awareness by promoting and growing their online presence through dedicated campaigns. Her social media motto is always quality over quantity, and her biggest goal is to show others how to expand their reach and get great engagement using organic methods and successful, personalized strategies.

Marta's work with social media began with the launch of her own online magazine, At that point, she was 19 years old and didn't have the budget to invest in online marketing services, so she took it upon herself to learn what she needed to make her project a success. During that time, Marta spent every free moment developing her DIY marketing skills. While doing everything from scratch, she realized she enjoyed social media and online marketing much more than she expected; and it turned out she was pretty good at it! Soon after publishing her first posts, hundreds of thousands of people started visiting her online magazine.

Marta received her Master's Degree in Business from the University of Opole.