Raven Katz

Singer, songwriter, educator. Good songs are focused and honest. I want to help my students cut through flowery artifice and get to the heart of the matter.

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About Raven

Raven is a Nashville-based singer and songwriter. As a true northeast native, Raven grew up between Brooklyn and Philadelphia and was a graduate of Berklee College of Music in Boston. Her time is currently split between writing for her own artist project, collaborating with other songwriters, artists and producers, and sharing her love of songs through songwriting education. This summer Raven will embark on her most exciting songwriting education project yet — the opportunity to teach in Tel Aviv, Israel. 

Raven wants to stretch students' minds past the typical love song and past a melody that they've heard 1,000 times to help them access the magic of writing a song in their own unique voice, using universal tools and concepts as a starting point. With a love for lyrics, her own songs are influenced heavily by visual arts, fiction, nature and great songs of the past.

You can listen to some more of her music here and here.